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Thor Halvorssen Uses all of His Talents to Fight for Justice

Thor Halvorssen is one of the hardest working human rights activists in the world today. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Thor personally experienced the cruelty and injustice that uncontrolled authoritarian regimes were willing to impose upon any citizens who spoke out in opposition. Both of Thor’s parents suffered under Venezuela’s authoritarian government. Thor Halvorssen’s father was arrested and tortured in a Venezuelan prison for investigating government corruption. Thor’ mother was shot by government security forces while attending a peaceful demonstration against the Chavez regime. Thor was beaten by government thugs while he was conducting a human rights investigation in Ho Chi Minh City in 2010. Watch Video .

Halvorssen became involved in human rights issues at an early age. In 1989, while just a teenager, he joined organized opposition against apartheid in South Africa. Thor’s specialty is taking on dictators. He does not discriminate in his fight. Thor has exposed human rights violations committed by dictators on both the left and right wing of the political spectrum. Thor stays above petty politics. For Thor justice matters.

In 2005, Thor founded the New York City-based Human Rights Foundation. The HRF is dedicated to promoting free speech and democracy around the world. since it was founded, the HRF has advocated for the release of a many political prisoners who were incarcerated for speaking out against their governments. Thanks to Halvorssen and the HRF, seven political prisoners have been released from their jail cells by dictators.

Thor Halvorssen has many talents. He graduated magna cum laude at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also a prolific writer on human rights issues. His articles have appeared in many major publications including Time, The Wall Street Journal and The Nation. Thor has been a guest on several popular political television shows such as The O’Reilly Factor and Hannity and Colmes.

In addition to his writing and speaking talents, Thor Halvorssen is also a successful film producer. Thor specializes in producing films that raise public awareness about the many human rights abuses that are committed everyday in countries around the world.

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