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Come Together To Help Less Fortuante People Receive Dental Help Like Avi Weisfogel

Sleep Apnea is a dangerous condition for a person to have. This condition can cause the heart to have problems, the lungs to have issues and every other part of the body to suffer. Sleep apnea usually goes hand and hand with conditions such as heart disease and stroke. A person with sleep apnea may be experiencing obesity and diabetes as well. It is a well-known fact that Obesity can cause heart problems in men and women. Sleep apnea can cause a slowing down of the metabolism. This can cause weight gain and issues such as overeating. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a Dental professional that owns part of Dental Sleep Masters and Old Bridge Dental. He supports the education of patients having dental issues and sleep deprivation. He believes the two issues go hand in hand.


Sleep deprivation can cause a remarkable array of issues that can affect the health of an individual. A person that stops breathing during sleep typically has a diagnosis of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is what they call the process of stopping breathing. Most people with the problem usually stop breathing several times during an 8-hour sleep. Some people improve with oral devices and others need assistance with things such as C-pap Machines.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel is trying to teach other dental professionals how to spot sleep apnea cases. He is also training these dental professionals how to build and apply a dental appliance. Avi Weisfogel started a go-fund-me page for people that can not afford dental treatment. With the proceeds of the go fund me page, Weisfogel, and other professionals will be able to take care of many people that may need but can’t afford dental treatment.


Avi Weisfogel also enjoys the lighter side of living. He loves his family, his puppy, and his sports. Every chance Avi gets, he will be sitting in the stands of his favorite teams. He loves rock and roll music. Classic or older rock is his favorite. Weisfogel is a writer. He keeps a blog going online. He is very helpful with the articles he writes. Hopeully, more people will begin listening and reading about all the wonderful programs available for people with sleep issues or dental issues.


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