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Talk Fusion’s Hawaiian Trip

The premium marketing company Talk Fusion orchestrated its last trip to Maui, Hawaii.


Talk Fusion, once again, orchestrated another incentive trip to Hawaii in order to motivate its independent representatives. But this time, the direct selling company lowered its requirements. The trip is known as “Dream Getaway,” and in will take place in the summer. Also, those that want to earn their vacation must achieve the “Diamond” rank three times by May.


Dream Getaway was actually first announced back in December of 2015. However, the trip was only accessible for top performers. Basically, a representative would have to achieve the rank of “Diamond” six times minimally. But the rules changed since last December. Bob Reina, the CEO of the company, and Allison Roberts, the company’s vice president, cut the qualification requirement in half.


According to the founder of Talk Fusion Reina, the majority of selling companies out there have very high requirements for when it comes to winning incentive trips. Not only that, but they at most orchestrate two trips a year. In contrast, Talk Fusion arranges several trips every single year. And such trips are available to anyone that works hard. Roberts has many unforgettable memories from Maui, Hawaii. According to Roberts, many Talk Fusion Associates are motivated to go to this beautiful tropical place.


Talk Fusion has been arranging trips to Hawaii since 2013. Last year alone, for example, Talk Fusion arranged a trip to Italy. This trip will occur this coming December. More information about this company’s annual trips can be found at TalkFusion.com


Talk Fusion, other than being a pioneer in video email, operates in more than 140 countries. This premium company offers broadcasting, networking and conferencing products. Talk Fusion’s packages are also very affordable. Monthly payments are available as well as customized services.

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