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Securus Technologies Uses Its Vast Network to Help Solve and Prevent Crimes

Securus Technologies is a major provider of communications services to correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety associations. The company serves over 1.2 million inmates, 3,600 clients, and other similar institutions.


The technology works on iPhones, Androids, tablets and regular landline types of phones. By having this type of system available, inmates and their families can be in touch on a regular basis and affords the communication of family tied and well-being on an affordable basis.


Another area of service that the communications company is being lauded for it the solving and the prevention of crimes due to the sophisticated technology and its ease of use. The latest innovations of the system are assisting police and detectives daily in crime prevention and tracking down criminals.


Some of the events which have led to such crime solving events as incriminating data that was received by phone calls so that a search warrant could be obtained.


Millions of dollars of illegal cash, drugs, and assets have been recovered by the use of the Securus technology. Many correctional sites have reported that safety and security measures are being improved by the use of the technology.


Many illegal activities such as the sale of drugs, alcohol and the use of the drugs and alcohol in the prisons and jails of various institutions have been thwarted.


These incidents are but a portion of the satisfied testimonies of clients who have found Securus Technologies to be of great help in uncovering various plots, schemes, and plans of various criminals to get to inmate populations from within and without of the prison systems.


An invitation is being extended to investors, loyal customers, and officials of correctional facilities to visit the Technology Center in Dallas. There are demonstrations of their crime-solving products and services that can be used to make their facilities much safer and more secure.


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