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Eric Pulier: Linking Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, And Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is a prolific American entrepreneur, tech-guru, writer, public speaker, and philanthropist. While growing up in New Jersey’s Teaneck area, his passion for computers started. When he was in the fourth grade, he was already coding and programming. He started his first company while in high school, which was a database computer firm.


Pulier joined Havard University in 1984, where he studied English and American Literature, Computer Science, and Environmental Studies. He was also an editor for The Harvard Crimson, where he authored a weekly column called PulierLeg. During this time, he also attended some classes at the neighboring MIT. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard in 1988.


After leaving Harvard, Pulier relocated to Los Angeles. He founded his first company in the area, People Doing Things (PDT) in 1991. PDT provided education and healthcare solutions via technology. He went on to launch Digital Evolution, an interactive agency, in 1994. The firm later entered a merger with US Interactive LLC in 1998.


Since that time, Pulier has founded more than fifteen companies, and come up with hundreds of millions of dollars to fund these startups. Some of the most prolific companies Pulier has either established or helped in founding include Akana, Media Platform, ServiceMesh, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, and Desktone.


During the Clinton administration, Pulier was selected to build and manage an exhibition, “Bridge to the 21st Century” in honor of the second inauguration. The exhibition showcased new technologies in education, healthcare, space exploration, government and community among others, and how they would affect people’s daily lives.


One of the most innovative showcases for the event was a live feed from the Space Shuttle. Attendants were able to interact in real time with the astronauts aboard the shuttle. The event was held at the Mall in Washington, D.C. Members of Congress, the Senate, and the Supreme Court were among those who attended.


After this event, Eric Pulier continued working with Al Gore’s and his staff on technology and healthcare committees and initiatives. When Morley Winograd, Gore’s Senior Domestic Policy Advisor, went on to become USC’s chairman of the Center for Telecommunications Management, Pulier joined him on the board. He served here for four years.


Pulier’s philanthropic endeavors include launching Starbright World, a private social networking platform for children afflicted by chronic illnesses. The platform allows these children to post content and meet others who go through the same experiences. He also sits on the Innovation Board, of the XPRIZE Foundation; and the Painted Turtle, a summer camp for chronically ill children.


He is also passionate about helping young entrepreneurs succeed, investing in venture capital firms such as eCompanies, Trident Capital, and Monitor Ventures. He is also actively investing in quite a few seed technology and media startups.


Pulier is also the published co-author of a book titled ‘Understanding Enterprise SOA,’ released in 2005. The book is critically acclaimed and deals with service oriented architecture.


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