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The InnerWorkings of End Citizens United to Rescind Landmark Supreme Court Decision

End Citizen United is a potent, political action committee that receives funding from grassroots donors. According to the group’s website Endcitizenunited.org, ECU is committed to dismantling the rigged political system that abates the infusion of unlimited money in politics through state ballot measures and campaign finance reform. The group also targets to use its powerful grassroots membership to demonstrate its political power and will to fight the vice. The decision to form the lobby in March 1st, 2015 followed the 2010 Supreme Court decision to change the landscape of the US elections in the landmark Citizens United case. In their ruling, the judges established that there was a legal basis for the view that corporations are people. The ruling opened doors for special interest groups and mega donors to pour unlimited amounts of money, including unaccounted and untraceable monies into the American Elections.

End Citizen United is a strong advocate of transparency in political spending. This push is reiterated by the group’s prompt commitment to file and release its taxes with the Federal Elections Commission. To attain its broader reform objectives, End Citizen United has resolved to support Democratic Party candidates who favor campaign finance system reforms. Along with those who have consistently come under incessant criticism from mega donors, corporate special interest groups and their SuperPACs for their tough stance against the infusion of illegal cash into politics. The Decision by End Citizen United to dissociate from Republicans, stems from the unwavering position taken by the Republican leadership in Congress to abide by the Supreme Court decision. During the 2016 election year, the group funneled tens of millions of dollars to support Democratic Party candidates running in competitive Senate and House races across the country.

In an excerpt published on MSNBC August 20, 2015 End Citizen United said it had raised over $2 million from small donors in the first month of its operation. The organization also reported it was on track to raise close to $30 million to fulfill its election cycle commitments. As of August 2015, the group had a database of over 130,000 donations averaging $14.8 per donor. The organization also said it had signed over 325,000 people to support its petition to overturn the Supreme Court decision. The petition demands that Congress pass a push-back legislation that would bring sobriety in campaign financing. In its efforts to reach as many people, the group partnered with a lobby that supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in order to access a database of over 4 million potential liberal supporters. The Washington, DC based interest group runs a lean office of only five members, who include former senior campaign advisers of various Democratic Party senators and representatives.

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