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The Success of Cotemar in the provision of Offshore Services

Cotemar S.A. de C.V. is one of Mexico’s top providers of offshore services. The firm is an expert in the delivery of a wide array of solutions, and they include maritime services, offshore construction and maintenance, specialized shipping, and handling various services in the petroleum industry. The firm was founded in 1979, and it has been striving to increase the scope of services that it offers. Its solutions are used by various companies in the oil industry, and one of them is the Petroleos Mexicanos, which has contracted it to handle its offshore transportation needs. The enterprise owns a fleet of specials vessels that it uses in the maintenance of facilities that are based in the sea. It is dedicated to ensuring that the services that it offers are safe.


The vessels that the company owns have been designed to transport both people and various materials. They have been created in a special way to handle petroleum equipment as well as carry machinery into large structures. Cotemar has been ensuring that all its boats are inspected and maintained according to the set standard and safety measures.


The company’s ships offer services such as catering and laundry for the people who are aboard. They also offer lodging services in small cabins that can accommodate up to four people. Cotemar also has recreational facilities for the people who are aboard its vessels, and they include basketball courts, tv rooms, and gym equipment. Its catering services can feed about 4000 people. The company has been ensuring that its work environment is safe by abiding by the safety and health control requirements. It has created high operation standards that cater for its employees’ welfare.


Cotermar has grown over time to be a top company that provides offshore solutions for the oil and gas industries. It has been dedicated to ensuring the sustainability of its services in the global oil industry. The company is determined to increase the variety of offshore solutions that it provides. It also uses emerging innovative technologies.


Cotemar is a privately held enterprise, and it started as a company that offered offshore transport, accommodation, and catering. It was deferent from another enterprise since it specialized in providing its solutions off the land. The firm grew over time, and by 1985, it had established a full-fledged hotel that was based off-shore and offered a broad variety services that people need. It currently owns vessels that have been specially designed to transport people and materials that are used in the petroleum business. http://www.empleo.cotemar.com.mx/

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