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Kim Dao Takes Her Fans on a Tour of Her Japanese Apartment

Kim Dao is an Australian make-up and fashion blogger who currently lives in Japan. Kim Dao recently gave her fans a quick tour of her small Tokyo apartment. Although her living quarters definitely aren’t spacious, as she explains in her introduction, viewers will be pleasantly surprised to see that she has a separate bedroom area despite the stereotype of tiny, cramp Japanese studio apartments.


Kim Dao doesn’t live in the apartment anymore, but decided she wanted to rent a small space to get settled into her new life in Japan. The Aussie blogger wasn’t shy about giving her viewers a grand tour. In the video, Dao shows viewers her living and kitchen areas and her separate shoe closet. Her kitchen is somewhat cramp, but she maximizes her available space by hanging up her pots and pans.


Now that Kim Dao is up and running in Japan, she has moved to a new home that is more convenient to central Tokyo. She hopes that her video has helped her fans get to know her better and plans on doing similar videos in the future. Dao graduated from the University of Western Australia with a degree in Japanese and Psychology and realized her dream of moving to the land of the rising sun.


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