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Education Is Key, But Not The Only Interest Of Betsy DeVos

As part of the nomination process for her current role as the U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos revealed a large amount about her own philanthropy and financial giving over the last few years. I have always been impressed with the work Betsy has completed in terms of her education reform work, which is where I believe the majority of the public have come to know and respect Mrs. DeVos; however, the tax returns revealed by Betsy DeVos for 2015 show her interests reach far and wide, from political campaigns to a range of arts based programs that have benefited from her charitable giving.

Looking back at the life of Betsy DeVos has been extremely revealing for myself as I have learned about her early career as a student with an interest in politics and her role as a major backer of the GOP. Mrs. DeVos is well known for her support of a number of political candidates for different roles and provided more than $5 million in backing for candidates in 2015; the political giving is far lower than the over $11 million given to various charitable groups over the same year.

A number of the interests of Betsy DeVos were revealed to me when I looked at her work with The Windquest Group, which she operates alongside her husband Dick DeVos. Among the investments I have examined and completed by Betsy and Dick DeVos include the Neurocore company that seeks to use innovative technology to help retrain the minds of those affected by a lack of focus or failing memory issues without the use of often harmful drugs. Betsy DeVos has also looked to develop the interests of her family in a range of clean energy companies and fine wine merchants that show how her interests cover a range of different areas of business and support.

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It is undoubted that Betsy DeVos has made a major investment as a charitable donor for various educational institutions and groups, which are largely located in her home state of Michigan. Betsy DeVos has impressed me with her continued support of the Potter’s House Christian School in Michigan that is often cited as the inspiration behind her continued education reform work. Looking back at the life and career of Betsy DeVos I believe her strong Christian faith continues to play a key role in her work on all levels as she and Dick DeVos continue to support the Willow Creek Association that seeks to create new community leaders through strong Christian values; the dedicated Calvinist has also been a well known supporter of the Acton Institute that looks to link a successful economic future with a strong moral center focused on traditional American values.

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