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The Wonderful World of the Whitney Wolfe Bumble App

Whitney Wolfe has the ability to see the dating world online much different from her counterparts. There is a passion for dating apps that seems to be reaching a large section of the country. There are people all over the world that are retreating from clubs and bars in order to find that special someone through their iPads or their smartphones. This is not a coincidence because the millennials do things differently. This is the generation that has become completely engulfed in social media, and that is how many people find someone to spend their time with.

Whitney Wolfe knows that there are a lot of males and females that are looking for a chance to find someone, but many of them have very busy schedules. That’s why she created an app like Bumble for people that don’t have a lot of time to spend waiting for a reply. This is one of those apps that minimizes the reply time to 24 hours. This gives the woman the time to think about the request and pick someone that is of her own choosing.

This is obviously the type of app that is going to work well for so many people that have tried and failed at other dating apps. In the past people have been in a place where they were simply waiting for someone to confirm a friendship or reply to a message. Whitney Wolfe decided to cut down on the time frame that this would take.

It is amazing to see someone like Whitney Wolfe dominate app-based dating world. In the past there were people in CEO positions at eHarmony that were older men that were trying to sell the concept of online dating. Whitney Wolfe is the female leader in the dating world that reaches millennials.

Watch: Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe – Better Dating


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