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Firebrand Education Advocate Betsy DeVos’ Chance to Impact Change as Secretary Of Education

I was born in Michigan 59 years ago, I love children, and I’m a renowned vocal education advocate and a member of the Republican Party. I’m devoted to improving the quality of education in our public schools but more so in getting every American child an education that impacts their future. Families should be able to have reasonable education choices for their children. Uptake and access to education among underserved communities must improve. Everyone should have reasonable opportunities available for them to thrive.

I have extensive interests in education, politics, and business. I have just been confirmed to head the Department of Education by this administration. This gesture is a great recognition by the leadership and representatives of the American people of my contributions towards improving the quality of life of hundreds of millions of Americans. In business, I lead The Windquest Group as Chairperson. Winquest is a professional investment service and management firm.

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My politics interests span over 35 years and probably began when I worked as a volunteer for President Gerald Ford in 1976. I have held the Chairperson position at the Michigan Republican Party four times thanks to the people of this great state. In addition, I have served on the Republican National Committee and dozens of campaign projects.

In addition to The Windquest Group, I am currently serving on the boards of nine other organizations such as Alliance for School Choice and The Philanthropy Roundtable. I support the GOP’s activities beginning in Michigan.

I am an art graduate and obtained my education right here in Michigan. I am a Christian parent, a mother and a wife. My husband Dick DeVos and the family is involved in bringing excellence in entrepreneurship, philanthropy and community activities. Our philanthropy platform, The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been supporting worthy causes for more than 28 years. Some of the major causes we care about include the American Federation for Children, West Michigan Aviation Academy, The Acton Institute and much more.

Art is an integral discipline in my life. Before building the DeVos Institute, I was associated with the John Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. I am also passionate about ArtPrize, my son’s brainchild. It’s a 19-day global art competition held in the Grand Rapids.

People who know me will tell you I do not shy away from matters involving children’s education and the Republican Party. It is true that God has blessed our hard work and rewarded us with little to need for. That is why I take great pleasure in supporting the GOP and my desire to have every parent to make a sustainable choice of education to give his or her children for prosperity.

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