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Waiakea Is Saving The Bottled Water Industry

Bottled Water’s Bad Rep

The bottled water industry doesn’t exactly have the best reputation among its customers. Far too many companies are content using tap water filtered at a treatment facility and trying to pass it off as if it came from a natural source. Sales of bottled water are dropping and the industry is stagnant. There is something being done about it right now. In the state of Hawaii one man is determined to change the way we think of bottled water.

A Startup From Hawaii

Ryan Emmons decided to start Waiakea water in his home state of Hawaii. Growing up, Emmons enjoyed the Hawaiian water and everything it had to offer. Without much in the way of funding or experience he has taken that volcanic water and now offers it to the world at large.

The most impressive aspect of the Waiakea story is the age at which Ryan Emmons was able to build this company. Barely out of college he managed to build a company that has grown 5000% in a matter of 5 years. According to Organic Authority, in any perspective you take Waiakea water is an amazing thing.

The Massive Growth

The numbers don’t lie and it’s nearly impossible to ignore the smashing success story of Waiakea. In its early days the company was only able to sell a handful of cases a year. Now, the company sells hundreds of thousands of cases on an annual basis. That growth has generated tens of millions in revenue easily.

The most impressive thing about Waiakea is the level of trust customers have in the business. The bottled water industry has had many scandals shake its foundations in recent years. According to Global News Wire, Seeing something as successful as the Waiakea water is certainly heartening.

Lending The World A Helping Hand

Ryan Emmons is a Millennial and he isn’t content with simply walking away the biggest profit he can make. Like many other Millennial businessmen he wants to use his business to make the world a better place. Waiakea does this through the company’s special program for charities that contribute to helping developing nations in the process obtianing clean water.

Emmons has made sure to keep this philanthropy at the center of just about everything that Waiakea does. This startup emerged from the Waiakea springs, but its taking over the world and giving us a completely new perspective on what bottled water can do.

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