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How Maggie Gill Is Influencing The Growth Of Leadership In Healthcare Institutions

Managing an enterprise to fruition is something that takes a lot of dedication and understanding of how the industry operates. A good number of professionals tasked with handling the operations of an enterprise are not able to deal with one or two of the problems that the institutions faces. Many individuals will agree that getting the right skills takes learning and applying whatever information one gets from several sources. However, professionals like Maggie Gill offer a different perspective, which is for pursuing one’s passion and applying effort to building it to perfection.


She is a great example of professionals who invested largely in building their careers and ensuring all the things they achieve are backed by credentials worthy parading before the world. She comes with some of the most sought after skills for an executive in the health industry, which has been demonstrated through her tenure as the CEO of Memorial Health. Maggie Gill has maintained her passion and dedication to getting only the best results whenever she lays her hands on a project. She is also an inspiration to young professionals who are looking to build their careers to emerge leaders in their areas.


Educational background

To get to her current level, Maggie Gill took several courses that exposed her to managerial concepts and styles as well as ideas on planning and execution. Building her career kicked off when she graduated with honors from the Arizona State University. It was a great moment and to further serve her quest for knowledge, she proceeded for an MBA and graduated from the Saint Leo University with high honors. These achievements seemed not enough, so she further went for a course in strategic thinking and management practices.


Career growth and successes

Having acquired the skills necessary to push her career forward, Maggie Gill was able to get offers to join different companies. She picked the Tenet South Florida Health System, where she served for five years. During her time at the company, Maggie Gill won three times the Tenet Outstanding CFO awards, which offered her leverage to deal with highly complex problems in the outer world.


All these achievements opened new doors for her and she was absorbed by Memorial Health in 2004 to work as a deputy to the president and CEO of the company. Through her good performance, she was appointed the CEO/President of Memorial Health in 2011, a position she holds to date.

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