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The Future of Fashion and Technology

According to Christopher Burch, fashion and technological industry have evolved over the years. The two industries are intertwined in that technology has become fashionable while the fashion industry has become technologically fashionable. How the two have evolved together, have to be explained by taking a glimpse of the past, present and projected future.


In the 70s, boom box was invented and brought about excitement as people played their favourite music while carrying them around. In the 80s, movie story line was added hence increasing their popularity. In the 90s, Walkman was invented hence a more personalised musical experience. In the twentieth century, the devices became smaller while memory size increased. IPods grew in popularity by increasing the personification of the music.

According to Chris Burch, the synthesis of fashion and technology is now underway. Fashion designers are focused on creating what the market needs and by use of technology, possibilities are endless. This brings higher standards in functionality and innovation.


Fashion is using technology to create products that protect us. Wearing bike protection is not really fashionable but Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt came up with a system to be worn around the neck to act as airbags for cyclists. The airbag bursts open in case of an accident to prevent someone’s head from hitting the ground. Helmets are said to reduce visibility but this technology will maintain someone’s visibility. Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan invented a fashion for firefighters to increase their protection. The team wears Frontline Gloves which enable them to communicate easily via simple hand gestures hence the team can implement actions like leaving the building quickly.


With the current financial constraints and the need for environmental conservation. Designers are recycling materials and making awesome fashions out of them. Emma Whiteside came up with a large gown from recycled radiator copper while SegraSegra made t-shirts and jackets from inner tubes of bicycles.


Fashion usually acts as a big boost in assisting technology. For example, wearing glasses is not that easily accepted by the general public. Computer geeks can easily see the advantage of wearing Google glasses but people prefer a technology that does not involve wearing glasses. Diane Von Furstenberg, a top fashion designer, made her models to wear the glasses while cat walking. This fashion showed the whole world about this new technology. This shows that the future of technology is being determined by the future of fashion. The excitement of tomorrow depends on how the two will marry each other.

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