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Fyre Festival: Bombshells, Bikinis, and a Treasure Hunt

It was like George Michael’s “Freedom! 90” video retooled for 2017. Typically, when a group of supermodels jet-set off to the Caribbean only two things are happening: either Vogue is doing an expensive photo shoot or an A-list celebrity is hosting a wild, weekend party on a 40-foot yacht. Learn morw about Frye Festival: http://www.fyrefestival.com/packages/

When Alessandra Ambrosio, Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Elsa Hosk and Paulina Vega all descended on the Bahamas last month, nobody knew what the supermodels were doing. Curiosity was piqued. The buzz grew. What were so many beautiful women together doing on a Bahamian island?

It appears the women weren’t visiting the Bahamas to remake George Michael’s iconic 90’s video, nor were they there as beautiful extras for the next James Bond film. Bella Hadid and her catwalk companions were promoting the mysterious Fyre Festival, a brand new, two-weekend event scheduled for April 28 through 30 and May 5 through 7.

The festival takes place at Fry Cay, a Bahamian private island, and features music, art, food, yoga on the beach, water trampolines, and snorkeling. Unlike other festivals, say, Glastonbury or the Isle of Wight, you don’t need to pack your Wellies. The Fyre Festival is all about sand and sun, not mud and rain. Sorry, England.

The Fyre Festival, however, is more than just a festival. It’s also an elaborate treasure hunt. More than $1 million worth of treasure, jewels, and luxuries are going to be hidden on the island, with a string of clues leading festival-goers to a wealth of prizes.

Fyre Festival is like Coachella meets spring break with a dash of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” Be sure to pack some extra suntan lotion.

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