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The Many Facets Of Avi Weisfogel

The New York Rangers are having a camp for the younger youths, and this is a team Avi Weisfogel enjoys and supports. This team represents the Go Skate program whose goal is the education of kid’s into this sport. They reach more than 10,000 kids regionally every year.


The camp lasts for a week and is for kid’s from seven to fifteen. The team has sessions in July and August from eight in the morning until five in the afternoon. Alumni from the rangers, the staff for coaching, and numerous professionals in hockey all participate. To find put more about this charity Avi supports, go to https://aviweisfogel.wordpress.com/.


Avi Weisfogel started treating patients who had difficulties sleeping the first week when he began practicing. Since then, he has become a member of almost all of the marketing clubs available for dentists. Throughout his success’s with implants and the complete rehab of mouths he still was unable to locate a strategy to bring in a consistent amount of patients for oral appliance.


Everything changed in 2010 when he founded a company whose dedication was in sleep problems. This was when he stopped practicing general dentistry. Two years and several million dollars later, Avi created a new oral appliance. This is a system he teaches and is called Dental Sleep Masters. This model allows him to reach put to more dentists and make a tremendous difference in sleep medicine.


Although Avi Weisfogel’s background is in dentistry, he joined the world of music later in his career. His motivation and talent have led him to hip-hop. He has many followers on Soundcloud and this is where he chooses to share his music with the world.


Some of his other hobbies include the Giants, a football team he is certain to watch on Sunday’s. He also gives his support to local charities including Smile Photography. He can be followed on Instagram at @avi.weisfogel.


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