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JustFab: The All Inclusive Unicorn

Starting a business and bringing it to success is one thing, but insuring that it is going to have a successful run for a long time is another feat all together. This is what Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler has done with JustFab. They have crafted the business and worked with the right team which made it into a unicorn. Their business models have not only gained them a ton of subscribers and loyal customers, but it has also gained them a lot of revenue which allowed them to expand their business into different brands and even physical markets. One must know what is behind all of the success.

One thing that makes JustFab successful is that it addresses a need and a desire. People have a need not just for any type of clothes, but the type of clothes that makes them look and feel valuable. There are a ton of people that would love to spend a day in the type of clothes that they see their favorite celebrities wear or someone that is considered very important and admired. However, a lot of these clothes that are seen cost a lot of money. Adam Goldenberg helps to provide people with the same type of stylish clothes for a fraction of the price they would’ve paid. They also work with an online business model that allows people to find the type of clothes that they want and even get a free outfit based on the type of clothes that they buy.

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JustFab offers accessories, outfits, and some of the most stylish shoes that people will get to enjoy. People who take the time to wear some of the best footwear will feel their self confidence shoot through the roof.

One big thing that Goldenberg have done was make JustFab an all inclusive brand when it comes to size. A lot of different clothing brands exclude a lot of people who are larger from the selections. This often leaves the bigger person out when it comes to some of the best styles that they will find. JustFab wants people of all sizes to enjoy some of the clothes that they love so that they will feel the same sense of worth that other people will feel. Adam Goldenberg himself loves that this company has made the expansion to all inclusive.

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