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Ten Everyday Hacks From Wengie

Wengie, a YouTube sensation who is anxious to teach her followers life hacks, recently made a video about 10 Everyday Things You’re Doing Wrong. Here is a recap of her suggestions to make your life a little easier.




According to Wengie, In order to prevent your headphones from falling out of your ears due to the weight of the cord or a tug on your device, simply switch the left and right headphones and wrap them over the ear before inserting them. This secures them into place.


Cutting Tomatoes


To cut cherry tomatoes efficiently, place them between two plastic lids. Then, take a sharp knife and run it between the tomatoes so they are all cut at the same time and the same lengths.




To prevent juice from coming out of the container too quickly and causes splashes, simply turn the juice carton around so the juice is travelling a farther distance to the cup. This will prevent spills and create a smooth pour.




Rather than hanging sweaters directly on a hanger, which can create unwanted creases in the shoulders, fold sweaters around the hanger so there is equal pressure on all sides of the hanger. This will prevent the weight of the sweater from creating indentations.




Rubbing your skin together after applying perfume actually shortens its duration of smell. Instead of spraying perfume on your wrists and then rubbing them together, spritz some on your collarbone, the backs of your knees, your belly button, and behind your ears.


Bowel Movements


To help make bowel movements easier, put a step stool in front of the toilet to position your bowels to be straight. This helps them release from the body easier.


Flushing the Toilet


Do not flush the toilet with the toilet seat up, because it will cause the water to spray up out of the toilet, contaminating the space around it. Rather, put the toilet seat down prior to flushing in order to contain the contents of the toilet inside.


Cleaning Agents


Instead of scrubbing the accessories in the shower, simply put them in a bag of vinegar over night and wipe them down in the morning. This will disinfect the shower without having to spend so much time scrubbing and you can even make it smell fresh by adding some lemon.


Tangled Ear Phone


If your ear phones tend to get tangled when you put them down, attach them to the top of your iPad instead to keep them nice and straight.


Duvet Covers


Instead of struggling putting your comforter inside your duvet cover, simply roll your comforter up and stick it inside of the duvet. After this, slowly unroll the comforter to find that the duvet has covered the comforter itself, without your having to struggle with it.


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