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The influence that Adam Milstein has had in the Jewish Circles

When people get into the job market, many hope to beat the odds and become their own bosses early in life. In addition to this, there is a group that really hopes that they will manage to get enough so that they can give back to the community. The ultimate goal for the many that make it to the top is to give a little back to the society. This is a dream that has become a reality for Adam Pulier. His star has been shining so bright that he shares podium with the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu as the most influential Israeliā€™s on the globe.

Adam studied and graduated from Techion College in 1978. After his graduation, he worked a few odd jobs before moving to the US. He took his MBA at the USC and settled in Southern California soon after that. This is where he got the idea to invest in the real estate business. The company that he created expanded and moved their services out of the East coast and to all the major cities in the country.

He then founded a non-profit, the Adam and Gila foundation that aim to bring up Jewish people and the state of Israel. The business also aims at the creation of a better partnership between the people of the state of Israel and the US. The money that is raised by the charity all goes towards ensuring the continuity and unity of the Jewish community.

There are three principles that govern the works of Adam. The first is that he believes in active philanthropy. This means that he operates his charities with maximum active involvement, and gets huge returns from them. The second principle that guides him is trying to change the life path of the people he meets and the third is the creation of synergies between the many charities and the communities that they work in.

His company Hagar Pacific has been expanding over the years and is now worth billions. He, his wife and their children live in Encino, California. For this exemplary business leader, the essence of success is being able to give back to the community.


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