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Sulfate Free Shampoos: What You Need to Know

The best shampoos to put on your tresses will always be sulfate free shampooing products. It’s best to select products that are organic or contain mainly natural ingredients. Another part of shampooing your hair is to not over wash your hair. It is not a good idea to constantly shampoo and condition hair. Doing this can make your hair become dried out, full of static and form split ends in extreme cases.

When selecting a shampoo you should ensure that you consider what your hair type is too. If you have dried out shampoo, then you need to get a shampoo that contain oils and Vitamin E and use a good conditioner.

In the case of color treated shampoo, you need to have a shampoo that does not contain sulfates and will gently handle your hair so it won’t fade your hair color.

For curly hair that may get frizzy, you should find a shampoo rich with coconut oil, Vitamin E and Vitamin A.

Fine hair requires a volume boosting shampoo. Oil rich and silicone rich shampoo is perfect for hair that is prone to frizzing.

If you have normal hair in your opinion that doesn’t frizz or have drying problems, you can select any shampoo really. Ensure that it is a shampoo with good ingredients.

Here’s what one woman had to say after using Wen hair care products for a full year: http://jillcataldo.com/one_year_with_wen_haircare/

When you have any scalp ailments, make sure that you select a shampoo and conditioner that is a treatment product. It should gently treat your scalp as it cleanses, so ensure there are no harsh ingredients in the product.

One shampoo that is appropriate for multiple hair types is the completely sulfate-free Wen Cleansing Conditioner. This product is not only a shampoo however. It is additionally a conditioning product. It can be used to smooth hair, make hair look voluminous, control frizz and keep the scalp gently cleansed to avoid scalp conditions like dandruff.

You can get the Wen Cleansing Conditioner at QVC, the Wen website, Chaz Dean’s salon and from Sephora beauty stores.

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