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Norka Luque: Returning Positivity to the Music Industry

The music industry is crawling with artists from different parts of the world. Some of the artists have inspiring stories and characters while others are full of controversies. One of the artists that have positively contributed to the music industry is Norka Luque. She creates a positive energy that is currently lacking in the music industry. She has a huge fan base in the Miami area and major Latino music communities.

Ms. Martinez discovered her love for music when she was still young (eight years old). While in school, she took part in different music competitions. She had listening and caring parents who supported her bid to become a professional singer. They paid extra for her instrument and dance classes.

The Latino sensation dreamt of becoming a successful businesswoman. Her parents sent her to France soon after she completed high school. While in France, she studied Business Administration, a course that took four years. She graduated successfully and started looking for a job.

Her search for a business related job landed her in Monaco. Here in Monaco, she got a job in the banking sector. Unfortunately, this career was short lived. Ms. Martinez realized that she was in the wrong profession. She decided to switch professions. She went back to school and took a course in culinary arts. She completed this course but realized that the course was limiting her creativity.

The young Norka Luque decided to try out another career, this time; she tried fashion. Soon after completing the course she again realized that this career had many restrictions that she couldn’t bear with. Before landing on the right career, Norka Luque also tried a career in Marketing.

She decided that music was the right career when she was invited to join a rock and funk band, Bad Moon Rising. She joined the band as a soloist. She learned a lot of things during her time with this band.

Ms. Martinez later relocated to the United States and settled in Miami, Fl. It was here in Miami that she met Emilio Estefan Jr., her manager. Throughout her career, she has faced several challenges including epilepsy. However, she has not let these challenges put her down. She is strong like never before, and she promises her fans great things. Follow her on Facebook to know more about her upcoming works.

For further information please visit http://www.norkamusic.com/

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