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The Advocacy of Clay Siegall

There is a company by the name of Seattle Genetics that is looking to make some major moves in the fight against cancer. Spearheaded by its CEO, Clay Siegall, they are looking to not only include their drug, Adcetris, in more trials for cancer but are also looking to hire hundreds of employees in order to make that vision a faster reality. The ultimate goal is to make Adcetris the first line of defense against cancer and pit it against cases of Hodgkin lymphoma. Not only is Adcetris at the forefront of the company’s mind but they are also looking at their drug 33A to be included in clinical trials as well to fight myeloid leukemia. There is plenty at stake for Seattle Genetics but early signs show this company can be successful with Clay Siegall at the helm.

Clay Siegall is founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics since 1998. The company started out as a research company in the medical industry and has sense become a major player in the fight against cancer everywhere. Dr. Siegall has been CEO since November of 2002 and continues to lend his 20 years’ experience to the company.

Dr. Siegall is responsible for many different tests against lymphoma cancers, specifically with the drug Adcetris. Adcetris was granted approval by the FDA in 2011 and has since been used in trials all over the country. He received his Ph.D in Genetics while attending George Washing University and also received a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland. Clay Siegall continues to use his academia to not just forward his company but also the lives of cancer patients everywhere.

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