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Clay Siegall – Devotion For The Cure

There are men among us who can devote themselves for the greater good. Their talent in combination with their hard work brings noticeable changes for the world and thus they gain title of the gifted. In reality they are only humans who know what they can do for the world to make it a better place, they know their role and they want to fulfill it.

Clay Siegall is a co-founder of the Seattle Genetics which was established in 1998. Currently he’s President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman for the board of Directors. The Seattle Genetics with him as the President was guided towards helping those who suffer from cancer. The Seattle Genetics has created antibody therapies for patients who needed some other forms of therapies. To show his enthusiastic side and his scientific spirit we’ll have to say that he has published over 70 works and even has 15 patents. With that he has an outstanding career.

Before Clay Siegall has started Seattle Genetics he attended the University of Maryland where he got his Bachelor in Science in Zoology which was the first step to achieving his goals. After that he attended George Washington University where he got his PhD in Genetics, this marked his step towards building his career. After his graduation he started to work. One after another he steadily gained reputation and experience, creating an astonishing career. He worked for National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and all of this led to creation of Seattle Genetics as a co-founder. That would be so called crown of his work. Seattle Genetics is a leading biotechnology company which works on developing clinical and preclinical products. It has developed antibody-conjugates (ADC) for cancer treatment.

Clay Siegall has devoted himself to relieving and helping those in need. Cancer is a tough illness, it eats the patient from the inside as well as his dearest as they are forced to watch someone they love witter away, doing anything that can relieve that is worth respect. This man has surely won my respect.

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