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Wirth Dedicated to Conservation While Expanding

The expansion of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort is a hot button issue around Lake Tahoe these. The company’s CEO recently met with the Placer County Planning Commission and those that oppose the expansion to discuss the matter. He has stated since the meeting that it went very well and everyone acted in a civil manner towards each other.

The county planning commission considered both sides of the argument and decided to give the resort the thumbs up to move on to the next phase of the approval process, a meeting with the county’s executive board of directors.

The next meeting should be the last approval that Andy Wirth and his company needs to move ahead with the proposed expansion. Detractors from the plan don’t like it for one main reason, they think it will cause an even bigger traffic problem than the county already has. Wirth does agree that the county does have issues when it comes to traffic in the area. He also believes that the traffic problem is something that exists outside of his company and that they are not the cause of it.

Wirth has said that the proposed expansion will not affect the traffic in the area. That is because like his opponents, The League to Save Lake Tahoe, he wants what is best for the region when it comes to the environment and traffic. The opposition has also stated that the expansion will bog down the area enough that no other businesses will be able to expand in the area either.

According to CrowdRise, Wirth says that part of his plan is to help alleviate the traffic issue in the area. The main focus of this plan is to work with the county directly to help them develop a better public mass transit system for residents to use. Representatives from the League to Save Lake Tahoe have said that they would like to see this plan in writing.

The CEO does have a track record of giving back to the communities where he has worked. He has worked with multiple organizations in the area that are dedicated to conservation. This is a theme throughout his entire career when it comes to philanthropy.  Read more: Andy Wirth | Powder Magazine

Andy Wirth has over 25 years in the resort and hotel business. He got his first job after college in Steamboat Springs, CO and worked there until his final position as Director of Marketing. He was hired by Squaw Valley holdings in 2010. He is the first CEO not be a member of the Cushing family since the 1940s.

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