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The Positive Strides of The Thriving Goettl Company.

Ken Goodrich acquired Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning in 2012. The company had several issues that needed to be addressed such as employees’ lack of confidence and vision. The company had previously been accused of deceptive sales and marketing practices by Arizona State Attorney General. The case ruined the company’s reputation and 40 employees left. Goodrich, who has previously bought, fixed and sold over 20 HVAC companies had a lot to do as he agreed that the business was different from others he worked in.

The biggest challenge was adapting to changes across departments, implementing new and revised systems, reestablishing good practices, installing hardware and software and learning new processes. Goodrich assembled a new management team which he acknowledges it will help him grow the company bigger and faster. He created everybody’s vision, and any employee could transact business.

The technical expert focused on customer services and quality installations. He introduced a quality control process where all installers are to take pictures of any work done. The pictures are sent to the management and Goodrich assesses and approves all the jobs. This process has transformed technicians and has ensured the quality of installation is at its best. Setting a quality mark will ensure technicians are experts and are perfect in their jobs which will translate to a good reputation of the company. Goodrich went ahead and did quality control checks to more than 300 previous installations.

Goettl is now focused on long-term success and had a theme of solid as a rock as they seek to build a stronger foundation. Goodrich challenges all the people to think bigger, smarter, better and faster. The challenges and subsequent changes have seen an increase in revenue from $11M in 2012 to $20M in 2014. PR Newswire originally released the above article.

More about Goettl.
Adam and Gust Goettl established the company in 1939. It offers high quality and efficient air conditioning and heating equipment. Goettl seeks to provide comfort and safety in homes under all environmental conditions. The privately held company has service centers in Phoenix, Southern California, Tucson and Las Vegas. It offers residential and commercial installations, repairs, maintenance and replacement services and has 24/7 response. The company’s specialties include air conditioning, indoor air quality, commercial HVAC, energy efficiency and heating services. The technicians are experts in dealing with central air units, air cleaners, heat pumps, humidifiers, duct sealing and cleaning, UV germicidal lights, radiant heating systems, furnaces and ductless mini splits among others.




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