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Danilo Diaz Granados – Miami’s Own Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Danilo Diaz is a professional, entrepreneur and a venture capitalist all wrapped into one. He works for the renowned financial planning company called Fireman Capital partners, located in Boston Massachusetts. In 2015, he began his journey with Fireman capital partners and has been going strong this year even if the relationship is quite new.

Before joining Fireman capital partners, Diaz was working as an accounts advisor at one of the biggest private equity firms in Miami, Florida. He says he learnt a lot about finance from all the firms that he has been working in through out his career, but most of it from this last one. He assessed International investment-to-return issues in fields such as fine arts, hedge funds, start-ups and real-estate. Without a doubt, he has got an extensive career graph that is complex and full of learnings.

Recently, he launched a boutique named “Toys for Boys”. It is a premium boutique which is made to attract the big shots in and around Florida to buy modern art pieces, time pieces and exotic and luxurious living room decorations.

Toys for Boys is the child of the entrepreneurial Danilo Diaz Granados, but it doesn’t end there. He has invested in film production too, “Edge of Glory” has been co-founded by him. As an investor cum co-founder, he looks into promotions, edits, cut and pastes, distributions, promotions and advertisements, and last but not the least, production. His company attempts to deliver Hispanic centric material to the united states viewers.

Danio Diaz’s day doesn’t end there. Apart from doing all these, he also has a management position to take care of, at Movilway. In 2012, he joined Movilway, a company that caters to a niche segment in mobile payment industry.

Headquarted in Madrid, it is a well-known company in Spain and other neighboring countries. In his position within the company, he has a lot of say in operations and finances of Movilway. Taking a little peak into his past, we found out that he went to school at Babson college, located in Babson park, Massachusetts.

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