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George Soros’ Plan for Ukraine

George Soros, founder of the Renaissance Foundation in Ukraine, has, since the beginning of the Ukrainian rebellion in Kiev in February of 2015, offered plans for the re-stabilization of Ukraine. George Soros Ukraine has outlined the European Union, or EU, as the main actor in these plans, and claims that developing Ukrainian markets both domestically and on a global level, as well as expanding the IMF’s financial assistance to Ukraine will serve the EU as a type of defense expenditure for the European Union. His argument for why the EU should be the champion of Ukrainian assistance and re-stabilization can be condensed into a simple idea; creating stability within Ukraine weakens Vladimir Putin’s control within Russia. Soros’ reasons that Putin has convinced his citizens, through various means of propaganda, that the hardships they endure from the sanctions imposed from the EU and the United States are not his fault, but the fault of the western world; by assisting Ukraine Putin’s claims lose their validity and Soros predicts that the stability in Ukraine in comparison to the destitution of the Russian people might cause an uprising within Russia.

The various strategies Soros has outlined can be separated in two distinct plans of action. The first aspect of the plan is to reform the Ukrainian bureaucracy, mainly the judicial system, by downsizing and eliminating corruption in order to cultivate foreign and domestic direct investment in Ukraine. George Soros Ukraine warns of the mistake it would be to treat Ukraine in the way the EU treated Greece; both the new Ukrainian reformist and Soros have request IMF oversight in addition to the financial assistance to make sure the funds are used for bureaucratic, economic, and judicial reform. The reformists in Ukraine seek the return of civil service from its corrupt state back to its original intent of helping Ukrainian society, however Soros’ states that these reforms can only sustainably take place in cohesion with the second aspect of his plan.

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The reform outlined by Soros’ facilitates and relies upon the outside investment in Ukrainian success from the EU. In addition to advocating for private investment, his plan specifies a roadmap for the use of political action within the EU to raise financial support to supplement the $15 billion package Ukraine received from the IMF. He estimates that a push from European political leaders to change EU policy could free upwards of $63.3 billion dollars of unused EU funds from various locations, in combination with a restructuring of Ukrainian sovereign debt in order to possibly free upwards of $4 billion dollars that Ukraine will desperately need if they intend to truly improve their infrastructure and open their markets. 
Soros’ plan focuses on two main goals: the assistance of Ukraine by it’s allies in order to re-stabilize the country, and the use of a stable Ukraine as an additional penalty against Putin’s aggressive tactics without inciting the use of military force that the European Union and the United States have been desperately avoiding.

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