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Incredibites And More For Small Dogs

We have a miniature poodle. Her name is Pandora. She’s a fairly new addition to the family, and we adopted her from a local shelter. She was not a puppy when we got her, but she is still a very small dog. Thankfully, she gets along great with our German Shepherd, Henry, and our Labrador Retriever, Lancelot.


However, having only ever owned large dogs before, my wife and I found figuring out what to feed Pandora challenging at first. Dog foods for average dogs just were not suitable for Pandora because the kibble pieces were too big, making them hard for her to even pick up, let alone chew.


Recently we came across Beneful, a dog food line from the well known, trusted brand name PurinaStore. Beneful offers a wonderful range of high quality dry and wet dog food varieties, including foods especially designed for small dogs.


The first dog food from Beneful that we tried Pandora on was the IncrediBites dry dog food. This is a fairly standard kibble that comes in different meat varieties, but the pieces are smaller than those of the average dog food brand.


Pandora ate the dry Incredibites kibble, but she still didn’t seem to be eating enough. We weren’t sure if it was the flavor or texture she wasn’t overly fond of, so we decided to try the Incredibites wet food. This one was a big hit with our little girl.


Once we realized that Pandora prefers wet food, we also tried her on Beneful‘s Choppped Blends. She seems to like these as much as the Incredibites wet food, so we alternate her food now and then so that she gets a variety of flavors as well as all the important nutrients from different meats, vegetables and grains. Her favorite one seems to be the Chopped Blends turkey with sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach.


After finding so many choices on Wal-Mart from one dog food brand, we haven’t looked back. Beneful does an amazing job of providing a range of nutritious, tasty foods suitable for small dogs. Now, if only we could figure out how to keep Henry and Lancelot from stealing Pandora‚Äôs food!

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