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Time To Feed Your Dogs What They Love to Eat

Everyone knows that a dog is man’s best friend. Any dog owner wants to make sure their dog has one of the most supreme, and not to mention the tastiest dog food that the market has to offer. Beneful brand… Continue Reading →

Medicare Advantage Plans Rise in Popularity

A Medicare Advantage plan is a favorable alternative to standard Medicare administered through the federal government, which pays a fixed amount for Medicare benefits for each covered individual. This program was initiated to help regulate rising expenses and control costs… Continue Reading →

George Soros’ Plan for Ukraine

George Soros, founder of the Renaissance Foundation in Ukraine, has, since the beginning of the Ukrainian rebellion in Kiev in February of 2015, offered plans for the re-stabilization of Ukraine. George Soros Ukraine has outlined the European Union, or EU,… Continue Reading →

Incredibites And More For Small Dogs

We have a miniature poodle. Her name is Pandora. She’s a fairly new addition to the family, and we adopted her from a local shelter. She was not a puppy when we got her, but she is still a very… Continue Reading →