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Radio Podcast Interview With Sanjay Shah

Eric Dye who is the host of an entrepreneurial talk show host had the pleasure of interviewing Sanjay Shah who is a philanthropist and successful entrepreneur businessman. The radio podcast show is called Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio and it serves as a platform and foundation used to submit advice, motivation, inspiration and information for entrepreneurs all over the world. During Sanjay Shah’s interview, he mentions that it’s important as an entrepreneur to accept help. Trying to do everything on your own as a business owner can be extremely difficult, and most times you run out of fuel and you get tired. So it’s important to delegate the work and use your employees to the best of their ability. In the interview, they talk about the success of Solo Capital as well as the creation of the investment company, advice on becoming a solid and successful business owner, the motivation and success of Autism Rocks and what listeners can expect at the 2016 charity concert for Autism Rocks.

Shah founded Solo Capital after deciding to quite his accounting job. He actually owned many companies prior to Solo Capital, but he could never expect nor anticipate how fast the company would grow. After three short years the company had entered into the millions, allowing Shah the ability to retire and become financially independent.

His youngest son was diagnosed with autism in 2011 at the very young age of two. While Shah and his wife were glad that they caught it so young, they still had a lot to learn and wanted to do more. That’s when Shah came up with the idea for Autism Rocks, which he launched in 2014 and has been going quite strong ever since. It is a charity that is based on raising funds to help aid in the research and development of the neurological condition that affects so many people today. One in sixty eight children every year are diagnosed and affected by autism. The numbers continue to increase every year and make it hard for some people who aren’t financially in a position to help cope with the condition. That’s where autism Rocks comes into place. He hopes that the charity will help those better understand the condition and help families as well as patients’ better cope. Autism Rocks is an invite only concert charity event that is put on my some very popular musicians.


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