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Marc Sparks and Building a Case for Success

Marc Sparks, the originator of Timber Creek Capital, LP, is a successful serial entrepreneur and, more importantly, a philanthropist whose faith and values have him looking to help those who strive to help themselves.

He is generous in sharing his stories of success. Just as important, he believes in sharing stories of his endeavors that were not so successful, thus offering hope to struggling new entrepreneurs who can learn from his experiences.

Before offering his formal mentorship and access to financial, marketing, and office space, Marc Sparks recommendeds the following to new entrepreneurs in their path to a successful startup.

The quality and arrangement of office space is not to be underestimated. Mr. Sparks stresses the importance in not cutting costs on the space where employees will generate their best ideas and teamwork.

Mr. Sparks practices what he calls “Sparks Speed”. By definition, this means open and collaborative space for keeping communication channels between resources immediate and real time. Such characteristics as natural lighting and demographics can affect creativity and mindset.

Citrite and Crunchbase, published that Marc Sparks believes that the quality of office space contributes to 25% of success.  Mr. Sparks does not invest in startups based on financial need alone. More at: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1132595

To be worthy of investment, Mr. Sparks looks for a startup with a proprietary or unique concept. Any and all sales data should be captured. This data should be shared with prospective investors as proof of consumer interest and demand.

When you try to sell your business to venture capitalists, keep your presentation simple and to the point. Make every visual count. Understand that capitalists are very busy people.

Delivering a short and concise message is more effective at soliciting support and selling your idea.  Sparks applies the values of faith, passion, tenacity, focus, savvy of monetization, and an Outrageous Sense of Urgency to every business and voluntary initiative. He looks to invest in entities that share the same provisions.

Even holding these values, and following the discussed advice, Mr. Sparks delivers the message that there is no predictability in life and failure is a possibility. More important than turning a profit is faith, building a quality product or service, maintaining a happy staff, and spending time with family and friends. These are the best signs of success.

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