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Fabletics, The Sexy Athletic Trend-Setter by Kate Hudson

Fabletics is the hottest trend in athletic gear that brings you from day to night. It’s a line of fabulous clothes for workouts and even working at the office. They show off the unique curves of the body while keeping it all in good taste. The colors are basic but bold. Marie Claire says that you can start from the ground up with Fabletics and build a fashion book of your own by starting with basic-black and moving into some pastels and prints. Basic shorts, skirt and tanks are what’s hot this year and that’s not all.
Kate Hudson wants to take you to the Beach

This year Kate is all about the beach. Summer, is her favorite time of year so she’s decide to bust on out in something great! The line of swimwear comes with nautical and tropical influences. The shapes are still like athletic gear but the sexy tops and skirt only need to dry in the tropical sun and go right to the Tikki bar or to dinner.

The Brilliant Subscription System

The most incredible thing Kate does with this line is the way she sells it. It’s nothing less than genius. Her business is run as a subscription site and you can come away with an entire outfit for $25. It’s as simple as you can get. Just get a subscription and pay an initial $25. For this you receive your first initial outfit within certain limitations that are outlined on the site .

Then, the suggestion is becoming a VIP member for $100. With this, you get a pretty deep discount since an outfit runs at least $50 on average. You’ll be able to choose from any of the Fabletics lines. The value rises even more prominently when you see the vast choices around you.

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