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George Soros Goes Over Asylum Plan

The European Union on georgesoros.com has dealt with a lot of issues that is leading to its downfall. Among the issues is the handling of the refugees. One thing that the EU is dealing with is a need for a common asylum policy. This has resulted in a mishandling of refugees from Syria on biography.com which has been torn apart by war. This whole mishandling of the issue has brought forth yet another crisis. According to an article released on Marketwatch George Soros himself has looked at the issue and he has made some suggestions about how to bring the refugees in sensibly. It was needed for them to be able to come in at a rate that was manageable by the EU so that they could bring them in and take care of them adequately.

One thing is that the members of the EU handled the refugees with eyes on their own interest as opposed to the interests of the refugees. The people that were seeking asylum were panicked as they were continuously victimized by the mishandling of the crisis. There was a sensible plan that George Soros put in place for the EU to be able to take the refugees in at a sensible and manageable rate for years to come. The plan was to take in at least 1 million refugees every year.

George Soros is a very famous successful entrepreneur who has followed the economies of the world markets for a while. George Soros has seen the downfalls of the economy enough times in order to be able to detect any patterns and predict when the economy is going to fall. One thing that George Soros has seen was that the markets are headed for another crisis that is at least as bad as the one in 2008. He is currently providing insight and advice for people that will help them avoid the potential crisis.

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