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Handy Maximizes Revenue Streams as Spring Cleaning Season Commences

Spring cleaning is certainly a good season for people to take back control of their homes. It can become so easy for the home to become cluttered. Even if you have read several books about Feng Shui and make a sacred vow with the gods to clean, it can still become a tedious task to look through all those all documents that may or may not be important anymore.

What I have done to make my life a little bit easier is hire Handy to do some of the work. These are contractors that come out and do just about anything that needs to be done inside of the home. I threw out an entertainment center that was falling apart recently, and I hired Handy to come in and put a new one together. I also hired these contractors to mount the television that I purchased.

That is what I love about Handy during the spring cleaning season. The pros come out and help me dust and clean my floors. These are the things that I struggle with the most. I am glad to know that I can call out someone that will help me when I am having these types of cleaning dilemmas. I don’t like to clean. The professionals with Handy are going to come out and do the cleaning with a smile. I would prefer to have someone that enjoys that job in place for something like this. That gives me so much time to put my energy into other spring cleaning tasks.

I have a cleaning checklist of the things that I like to accomplish during my spring cleaning rituals. I always sort the paper trail of documents first. I scan lots of docs with my phone and throw about 90% of these documents away. I sell old clothes with a couple of yard sales, and I donate the rest to the Salvation Army. Handy contractors can clean while I am doing all of these things. They clean the floors and they make the beds. These contractors have also worked on my plumbing issues as well.

Download the Handy app on iTunes and Google Play today!

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