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Avi Weisfogel Explains Teeth Grinding Damages Teeth

Operation Smile is a nonprofit organization helping underprivileged individuals with dental work and procedures that they normally will not be able to afford. Operation smile gives poor people the chance to have teeth cleaned, pulled, or straightened without spending thousands. People that are in need of dental procedures can never have these procedures done without help from organizations such as Operation Smile. Dental professionals volunteer their time to give back to the community. They ride the mobile unit all over the city setting up to help others that need help. Dentist such as Avi Weisfogel is donating their time to make sure children get the dental help they need. Avi Weisfogel took the time to set up a go fund me page for Operation Smile. He hopes that the fundraiser will collect enough money to take care of the teeth of hundreds of individuals that need.

Avi Weisfogel is a leading dental professional in the community. He is working hard to inform people about the dangers of dental issues and sleep disorders. Weisfogel is the owner of Dental Sleep Masters. He teaches people all about sleep apnea. He helps others learn how sleep disorders can affect the heart negatively. Avi also holds lectures to teach another dentist about mouth guards and dental appliances. He teaches how important it is for people to keep their teeth in good alignment. Dental appliances such as braces or teeth guards can help people that have problems with things like teeth grinding. Once a person grinds their teeth enough to damage the teeth, the person will not be able to get the part they damaged back. People that grind their teeth while they sleep are damaging the teeth and enamel of their teeth. Avi hopes each dentist he helps will help 50 people each.

The community knows how important it is to have financial assistance for homeless or poverty line people. It is not right that many people have to choose food over their health. It is wrong that America is unable to provide dental care to everyone. Dental professionals understand the need and they sympathize with the poor individuals in the city. If every medical professional in the city could donate a few hours per week, most people could have dental and medical care they need. It is difficult to come up with the supplies necessary to provide all of this care. The go fund me for Operation smile will help offset some of the cost of care. Please donate if you can.

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Source: http://www.wrcbtv.com/story/31366182/avi-weisfogel-dds-launches-gofundme-campaign-set-up-to-benefit-operation-smile

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