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Queens of Drama: An Innovative Reality TV Show

“Queens of Drama” is an innovative reality television show that began in April of 2015. The main idea of the show is to take 6 actresses who once starred in soap operas and to give them the common mission of producing their own soap opera which will star themselves. Each of the actresses is experienced and celebrated as a former soap opera star.

The actresses are Hunter Tylo, Lindsay Hartley, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharis, and Crystal Hunt. Tylo spent 25 years starring on one of the longest running shows ever “The Bold and the Beautiful”; Hartley starred in “All My Children”, “Passions”, and in “Days of Our Lives”; Pharris comes from “Passions”; Marcil was in the shows “Vegas” and “BeverlyHills 90210”; and Hunt was a star on “One life to live”, “Guiding Light”, and recently had a prominent role in “Magic Mike XXL”.

On “Guiding Light” Hunt gained tons of Facebook followers when she played the role of Lizzie Spaulding, the first born daughter in the troubled but wealthy Spaulding family who constantly engaged in schemes and social intrigues against other families on the show. Hunt’s character also suffers from leukemia and the show was given an award for raising awareness about leukemia by the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.

Hunt shines in “Queens of Drama” as an industrious and creative actress. Her acting ability is very obvious if you’ve ever seen her acting reel.  She also puts her business skills on display during the reality show. Crystal Hunt has her own pet boutique which has helped her develop business skills that aid her in her attempt to produce a reality TV show in this 10 episode series.

In the first episode of the show Hunt and the other actresses realize they will need someone with a more prominent name to help the show take off so they seek out Donna Mills from “General Hospital”, and ask her to take part. Then the show takes a sharp twist by episode 3 when Mills the dominant, headline actress decides to abandon the show and Hunt and the others must tread onwards without her. The show is filled with big personalities and entertaining drama that will have your eyes glued to the television screen until it ends. You will feel a deep sympathy for many of the characters especially Hunt, and love to hate the others. If you have time look for season 1 of “Queens of Drama” on the Pop channel as it airs reruns of the show. You won’t regret it.  Also be sure to check out Crystal’s photography website, where she posts her entire portfolio of work.

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