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Yeonmi Park and her Discovery of Freedom

A Journey of A North Korean Girl

The Amazon released book In Order to Live is a fascinating story written by Yeonmi Park. This book will tell you about a journey that is filled with courage and hope. The journey began as an escape from a tyranny. North Korea and a dictatorship left a young girl, Yeonmi Park, not really knowing what the meaning of freedom meant. She and her family faced a horrendous twist of fate which led up to an escape to freedom. She and her family were forced to become defectors of North Korea. Kim Jong II was the head of the North Korean regime. Yeonmi Park had to face her own father being tortured by the regime. She was taught to believe that Jong had the ability to read her mind. The environment in North Korea was devastating and brutal. Her family had made the decision to escape from the horrors that they were living with in North Korea. The walked across the Gobi Desert and had the goal to reach freedom. This story has many unbelievable struggles and hardships that this young 13 year old girl was forced to endure.

A Harrowing Memoir with a Goal

In Order to Live is a memoir that will speak to many. It has the goal to provide inspiration and information. It is meant to offer hope. Freedom is awaiting others too. Honesty and facts may have the ability to create empowerment and needed change.

A Young Human Rights Activist with Passion

The Daily Mail has written a story of Yeonmi Park, has shaped a young and passionate human rights activist. Ms. Park has taken her experiences and abuse and has become an activist who provides her knowledge through education and her speeches. She was born in 1993 in North Korea. She came from a loving and educated family background. Her book In Order to Live was published in September, 2015. She is an author, a human rights activist, a speaker, and a survivor. She has a passion for human rights and freedom.


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