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Looking Forward: Madison Street Capital Still A Formidable Competitor In 2016

Financial markets have recovered nicely, with strong performances from champion investment banking firms. Amidst last year’s strongest performers with impressive M&A hedge fund transactions is Chicago’s Madison Street Capital. The outlook for 2016 looks equally promising as the middle-market hedge fund powerhouse continue to employ its signature marketing model. PR.com recently published highlights of the firm’s latest financial reports. Herewith, Madison Street Capital successfully closed 42 M&A transactions in 2015. The previous year, its performance was equally agreeable, but in 2015, it actually substantiated a 27% climb. As AUM Research analysts speculated, this remarkable feat is explicable since 2015 saw a wealth of transactions during the last quarter. This along with other elements were the vehicles driving deals.

Elsewhere, the playing field seems rather hectic and challenging for losing investment bankers. With the masses reporting colossal dips in returns, soaring operating cost and liabilities swelling, recovery seems rather far fetched. However, economists aren’t convinced it’s a hopeless disaster. With arid strategies being the apparent stumbling block preventing productiveness, economists suggest a remedial redress. With this temporary pitfall set aside, institutional investors remain sanguine with abundant opportunities for higher returns in alternative assets. Surely, diversification remedies any uncertainty of plummeting returns and growing liabilities. Still, small-scale hedge fund boutiques remain troubled seeing as the majority have deepening concerns about fees, operating cost and winning over new investors. With these ever-present hiccups influencing the final outcome, it’s pivotal to explore the mechanisms of strategic marketing.

In 2005, Madison Street Capital began consulting for middle-market industries needing expert M&A (Merger and Acquisition) recommendations. Its interest lies in transportation, telecommunication, technology, pharmaceutical, healthcare/consumer retail, agriculture, construction, energy/oil, manufacturing, and media. The advisory consults for financial restructuring/sponsorship insurance, hedge fund/asset management, portfolio valuation, and M&A transactions. With exceptionally proficient consultants with proven success, Madison Street Capital remains a formidable competitor.

With a regional headquarter in Chicago, Madison Street Capital has installed international divisions in Asia and Africa. Additionally, it’s installed branches across North America to serve its multicultural clients. As an advisory, it’s received 5 nominations across different categories this year: Professional Services, Industrial Goods/Basic Resource, Corporate/Strategic Acquisition, Cross-border M&A, and Technology Deal-of-the-year. In light of this admirable performance, it’s among the finalists named by the organizers of the International M&A Awards 8th annual conference. Through United Ways, Madison Street Capital sponsors disaster relief initiatives in the interest of improving the nation’s economic and social woes.

Disasters have devastated some North American states, including Missouri, Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Mississippi, etc. United Ways has intervened on numerous occasions as it continues the mission of restoration. Madison Street Capital stands for nationwide community development and supports organizations like the United Ways that is positively impacting lives. Donations to any disaster relief program launched by United Ways goes to funding medical support, recovery effort, shelter and food for the needy. Madison Street Capital stands for economic independence, which United Ways has envisioned for the nation in upcoming as it extends its network of allies.

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