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George Soros Plans To Mobilize Latinos To Vote Democratic

Liberal billionaire George Soros and others have set out to fund a multi-million dollar campaign to marshal Latinos and other immigrants this election cycle into political outrage at the rhetoric of Donald J. Trump and other Republican candidates. They plan to try and channel that outrage into a deluge of votes for the Democratic presidential candidate in November. Political strategists have said that if successful, the spending plan by Soros would be the biggest effort ever mounted to specifically target Latinos and other immigrant voters. The political organizations targeted for this effort are in Colorado, Florida, and Nevada, states that already contain large and growing Latino and Asian populations that Soros and others have decided will be the key voter blocks in the upcoming presidential race and a key battleground for control of the Unites States Senate.
George Soros, a well-known name in the world of finance is also best known as an immigrant himself. After enduring Hungary’s occupation by Adolph Hitler and the Nazis and then seeing his homeland taken over by the Soviet Union in 1947 Soros went to the U.S. and applied for citizenship there. After he was granted it, he quietly went to work with his foundation to make his fortune.

He has been especially struck this year by the ugly tone of Donald J. Trump and other Republicans who have called for blocking Muslims and other refugees from entering the United States. He has stated that most of the negative anti-immigrant rhetoric has been coming from the Republican Primary candidates and Soros finds the language very offensive.

Much of the political strategy for this election will be focused on new immigrant voters by a new super PAC called Immigrant Voters Win PAC. It will definitely be more partisan and political than previous efforts. Ultimately the PACs organizers hope to persuade a sizable vote swing of as many as 400,000 new Democratic voters or more to the polls in November. Part of the reason for this is because there are signs of a waning of Democratic enthusiasm while Republican voters, especially Donald J. Trump voters are coming out in droves to not only hear him speak but to vote for him.

Know more: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros

Part of the reason for all the worry on the Democratic side of the election is because even with the widespread outrage among the left at what Trump has been saying there seems to be an angry reaction on the right where working class white voters, including Reagan Democrats and independents who have previously given up politically, have rallied around Donald Trump’s promises to end illegal immigration, ban Muslim’s from entering the country and to build an enormous wall along the border to keep out illegals.

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