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How Sanjay Shah And Solo Capital Work To Help Others

Solo Capital is a London based brokerage and investment firm. They offer advice and guidance for not only understanding the market, but also money in general. They also offer a number of other monetary devices to help grow wealth, start wealth growth, and protect investments. Founded by Sanjay Shah the firm is securely fixed in the financial sector and well respected for their opinions and advice.

The company was founded in 2011. They have spent the better part of their time gaining clients and aiding those clients with their investment needs. Although, Solo Capital does appear to be dipping its toes in the political waters. They have voiced out on many different candidates in the American political races, as well as dealing with ther issues.

Some of the other issues that Solo Capital has been weighing in on are a number of different crimes and abuses by those involved with the financial sector. They have also been voicing concerns and opinions on women’s issues, equal rights and even how to manage and keep a business going. They have offered insight into women in business and the best tools to use to make a start up grow.

Sanjay Shah actually started out in medical school. He did not find that to his liking and moved into the financial realm as an accountant. He spent a number of years learning the ins and outs of the business and then went on to found Solo Capital in 2011. He spent some time getting the firm off the ground and then found that he was better suited to letting the 49 employees run the business.

Sanjay is a family man and has a son with Autism. He has been able to spend quite a bit of time with his son and learning about his disorder and its secondary conditions. Sanjay has founded a charity, Autism Rocks in an attempt to not only bring awareness of the disease, but also to raise funds for research.

An annual rock concert is held with the proceeds given to Autism research. During the course of the concert information is offered and educational tools for others who have a loved one with the condition are offered. It is a good time with top names in the music business donating their time and talents to an excellent cause.

Sanjay Shah does his best to help others who need a helping hand. He is known for his philanthropic endeavors and his generosity to what he believes are good causes. Solo Capital also follows this same line of reasoning by offering information to investors in order to understand all of their options to make educated decisions about their money and their future monetary security.

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