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Payroll Behemoth BMG Breaking Barriers

BMG is an ever expanding financial facility that first started as a credit extending businesss for the automobile sector. Now, their main focus in the vertical is extending loans for payroll and is now considered the gold standard
in Brazil for this niche. They first began in 1930 as a consumer oriented bank but shifted in the 1970s to a strictly institutional firm.

In the past few years, BMG moved to invest with Unibanco to increase their reach within the Brazilian market. The improvement was two-fold and built on their former auto financing bulwark – they now have a larger market share of payroll credit cards and enterprise level financing for medium and large businesses in need.

Over the next few years, BMG has acquired and merged with a flurry of respected banks and eventually began
expanding international debt, and switched back to complete focus on payroll loans with the aforementioned Unibanco merger.

Since BMG curates and fosters an environment for success, BMG has an exceptionally low turnover rate and allows the cream to rise to the top. A new aspect of their mergers and government cooperation has a profound impact on their board of directors, inclusive of independent auditing.
Their Board diversification draws from experience in almost every aspect of the financial industry, providing a base for growth and veteran leadership within payroll.

One of these stars is Marcio Alaor is the executive vice president of BMG, branching out into sports and luxury and is renowned as a negotiator for new partnerships. Part of the innovative perogative of BMG is brand recognition and expansion; with the growth of Brazil’s economy, payroll variables are ever increasing. On top of all this expertise, one of BMG’s basic founding principles is the ability to make conservative investments for client liquidity. He is ostensibly the most crucial aspects of BMG’s brand mission, balancing name recognition with a unparalleled conservative risk profile. The cornerstone of this trajectory is industry-leading analysis.

All in all, BMG unequivocally focuses on its core competency and is poised to grow admirably over the next decade, in part due to Marcio Alaor and in part due to its storied history.

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