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Wen by Chaz Gives Hair a Boost


It appears that all of the fabulous testimonials and reviews about the almost magical effects of Wen by Chaz must be true. An editor for Bustle sought out to put the reviews of WEN by Chaz to the ultimate test by seeing if she could see any improvement in her lifeless, fine hair after just one week of using Wen by Chaz as her exclusive shampoo and conditioner. The before and after pictures for each of the seven days in the article speak for themselves. After shampooing with Wen by Chaz, the author’s hair was noticeably more vibrant and appeared fuller all around.

These results should come as no surprise after WEN by Chaz Dean has been flying off the shelves for years. This highly sought after product is essentially a five-in-one cleansing conditioner formula, which thousands of women swear can completely revitalize your hair and give it manageable volume, no matter how fine or thin it appeared previously. These claims can be seen in the many infomercials for Wen by Chaz, which have flooded the cable airwaves over the years. This latest facebook real life test is just another testament that the cleansing conditioner really can deliver on its promise off the screen as well.

Part of what makes Wen products so effective on a wide range of hair types and conditions is that the ingredients are so carefully chosen so as to not cause any unnecessary damage or build up in the hair. Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioners can add volume and shine to hair without weighing it down, as is often the case with excessive use of hair product. Another thing customers love about WEN is that with its inclusive formula, there is no need to buy multiple products to get the job done everyday.




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