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CAD, Hedge Funds, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, and Kyle Bass

Politics abound in every echelon of life. Some working the game play by the book, some don’t, and like the yin and the yang, the two kinds of political players seem to exist in constant struggle with one another. There are many who have mastered the art of appearing humanitarian so they can manipulate groups of people in their favor. It’s easy to hoodwink the uninformed, and when one has exceptional media access, this becomes second-nature.

Kyle Bass seems in many ways to be such a dark force in politics and economy. Argentinian by descent, he runs a hedge fund in Texas that has performed more and more poorly over time. Though Bass seemed extremely promising when he hit the market in 2008, and though his media appearances seem to feed from a continual positive momentum, his hedge fund is simply on the decline. It doesn’t perform as well as similar hedge funds by even mediocre competitors.

Kyle Bass doesn’t seem daunted, however. Perhaps using this as his impetus to get even more political, the man has branched out into pseudo-humanitarianism via CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. CAD uses sympathy and political sleight-of-hand to manipulate the stock market in Bass’ favor. The sordid operation works like this: enticing the infirm and many leftist sympathizers, Bass gets lawsuits filed and petitions signed against the costs of big-ticket pharmaceuticals. When the drug companies are forced to cut their prices, naturally their revenue suffers and they’ve got to reign in certain production costs; things like Research and Development. Future breakthroughs are thus curtailed, and their stock value plummets. At the right time, Bass short-sells his holdings with the pharmaceutical company, and skips off with millions.

It’s a neat little scam, and has not escaped the notice of the United States Government, members of which waxing bipartisan in an attempt to shut Bass down with no success; Bass’ actions being within the penumbra of legality.

It’s such a neat scam, in fact, that Kyle Bass’ relationship to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner suddenly takes on a new light. De Kirchner is the despotic socialist president of Argentina. The woman has defaulted the country financially twice over the course of only thirteen years. Yet Bass only speaks favorably of her in the mainstream media–rather like a lackey, in point of fact.

While Bass has had limited financial success in a legitimate sense, his more scandalous endeavors and relationships definitely cast doubt on his financial decisions and advice.

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