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Fiorina and Christie Drop Out of Race. Jon Urbana Interviews Them

GOP Race for White House Thinning Even More The presidential race for the White House in 2016 is heating up and will separate the strong from the weak. Like any other election, there are those who simply don’t make the… Continue Reading →

A Quick Look at Highland Capital’s Q3 Stocks

Highland Capital Management on 24/12/215 filed its quarterly 13F.The SEC filing showed that the hedge fund has a portfolio value of $3.43 billion. Compared to the previous quarter that was $4.91 billion this is a decrease of $1.48 billion. Around… Continue Reading →

Marcio Alaor’s Report On Netflix In 2016

Netflix is the market leader in enterprise streaming videos and true to its motive it has been making great progress in the early 2016. With an expansion to many countries, the company is all set to cover more than twice… Continue Reading →

Status Labs Can Assist Businesses In Reputation Matters

Millions of people prefer to make their purchases online. In-store retail sales are slowly going the way of the dinosaur. Fueled in large part by the spending habits of Generation Y consumers, purchases through digital media are on the ascent…. Continue Reading →

Brazilian Marcio Alaor, Entrepreneur and Executive BMG

Marcio Alaor is the head executive of the Brazilian bank BMG and is by far one of the largest and most well known executives in Brazil. Marcio Alaor seems to always be in the headlines pertaining to new technologies and… Continue Reading →

Marcio And His Outrageous Success

Marcio Alaor is one of the most successful people that the BMG bank has ever seen. Not because he is the vice president, but because of where he came from before he worked for the bank. He had to work… Continue Reading →

George Soros: Trump is Helping ISIS

The 2016 Presidential Elections’ campaigning in the United States is now in full swing, and is heating up. Soon, the primary elections will shake out the weaker candidates and, eventually, the contest will be between two candidates, one Democrat, the… Continue Reading →

Igor Cornelsen Makes Investing Simple

I used to be scared about saving for retirement. It seemed like something that was impossible to get started with. I just didn’t think that I had the ability to do it on my own. That was before I came… Continue Reading →