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Human Rights Foundation Making a Difference

All over the globe the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is there to protect the rights of human beings and to put a focus on closed societies. The HRF promotes liberal democracy while defending human rights in all areas of the world. They work to promote and preserve freedom in all parts of the world. Their work is derived from the founding ideals of the human rights movement.

The organization was founded by human rights advocate Thor Halvorssen, known worldwide as a film producer and human rights advocate. Halvorssen has been looking out for those who are powerless in society and facing a significant challenge in life. The HRF was founded with the goal of gaining the freedom of political prisoners all over the world. He has used his organization to gain the release of many prisoners of conscience and he has provided evidence to truth commissions in major cases of civil rights violations around the world.

Halvorssen has also published several books on the responsibility of governments in protecting the individual rights of its citizen.
Halvorssen is also the creator of the Oslo Freedom Foundation which is an annual gathering of interested and active people and organizations where strategies and thoughts on creating equality for all people all over the globe are discussed. It is quickly becoming one of the events that is changing the world of human rights.

Thor has a personal interest in human rights as his father was wrongly imprisoned in 1993 and experienced savage mistreatment. His mother was also a victim of a terrorist shooting in 2004 in Venezuela. His stake in creating a world that respects human rights is very important to him. With both parents being significantly impacted by basic human rights violations, it is no wonder that Thor Halvorssen has such a personal understanding of the effect of human rights violations.

The Human Rights Federation is continuing to grow its mission to protecting the basic human rights of people all over the world. They believe in freedom of speech and expression for all people, an ability to decide on political matters, a freedom of religious choice for all people, freedom to associate with any group they want, freedom of movement and freedom from torture and slavery. They are seeking to sustain and assist any group of people who are struggling for liberty. The Human Rights Foundation and Thor Halvorssen stand firmly against violence and help to seek peaceful and humane outcomes of all conflicts all over the world.

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