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CCMP Capital Mourns Steve Murray

March 12, 2015, is when Stephen Murray the former president and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital passed on a month after he left CCMP Capital due to health related reasons. For a long time, Steve Murray has managed the private equities of CCMP Capital. The chairperson of CCMP Capital who also is the new president of their company passed their condolence to the wife and sons who Murray was very fond of and loved. He recalls his negotiation power and intelligence in handling business. He has been in the private equities for a long time and has been the best in establishing partnerships and making deals.

Back then, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was part of the team handling a credit analyst training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation in 1984 then moved to MH Equity Corporation to chemical ventures partners tat then changed to Chase Capital Partners. He professionally focused on private equity investments and was a holder of a bachelor’s degree in economics from Boston College and a master’s in business administration from the Columbia business school. Murray was also a philanthropist, and he participated in very many boards a board member and also as a trustee, for example, the Columbia business college, Pinnacles foods, Hospital Partners and Aramark. He left a loving wife Tammy Murray and 4 sons.

The work of private equity investments and management of credit transactions at CCMP Capital was well managed by its former president. CCMP Capital is now very efficient at investments in chemicals and energy, consumer and retail, industrial, healthcare and other major operations. They have a great investment focus and a strong partnership whose team of management is exceptional. They combine strengths from those partnerships to come up with the best industrial expertise that drives the company to grow and become efficient. Back then CCMP Capital was known as Chase Capital Partners then after purchasing by JP Morgan it was named JP Morgan Partners. The founder of the group was Jeff Walker, who Murray succeeded to the point of becoming the CEO in the year 2007. Greg Brenneman is now the new CEO of CCMP Capital following Murray’s demise.

Murray was outstanding in the running of CCMP Capital he was known in making great deals and handling terrific investments. He was outstanding in his work from being in the field for a long time since private equities were his career for a long time. He has managed to establish more partnerships and was even holding meetings with Crestcom, Info group Inc., and Jethro JMDH Holdings. He and his predecessors developed a strong investment company of this time. Steve Murray passed at an age of 52 years, but he left a great legacy for CCMP Capita that will remain a history in the company. CCMP Capital is a good company to go for private equity investments thanks to the efforts made by the partnerships and their late president

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