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Madison Street Capital’s Hedge Fund Performance Analysis

Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Madison Street Capital is a banking investment firm representing clients around the world. WIth dealings in both the public and private sectors, MSC handles, at any time, over 100 unique contracts. In addition to investment strategies, MSC offers its clients a wide range of advisory and financial information. It handles valuations, merger and acquisition deals, and general financial solutions to businesses.

Throughout the years, Madison Street Capital has refined its process for achieving its clients’ goals. Recognizing the no two companies will have the same needs, the professionals at MSC pride themselves on an in depth learning and strategy meeting before jumping head on into the task. In doing so, MSC has become one of the most renowned firms in the world. MSC specializing in middle-market businesses and firms, but its expertise seemingly knows no bounds.

Madison Street Capital has published the fourth edition of its analysis of the hedge fund industry. According to the overview, 2015 saw an increase of deals closed compared to 2014. Additionally, the transaction volume of these deal went up 27% from the year before. This puts 2016 on track to continue this trend and drive these numbers up further.

These statistics may seem surprising to some, given that, overall, hedge fund strategies in 2015 were mediocre at best. Where hedge funds lag, institutional investors must begin to flex their creative minds and come up with alternative solutions. By applying this different strategies, they are able to keep returns high. The hedge fund managers are facing pressure on all fronts: they are being pressured to deliver fees they owe while simultaneously dealing with the high costs of operations. They have no choice but to seek new routes to reach their goals.

The hedge fund industry has always been disjointed, but the implementation of these new strategies marks a move towards consolidation. Madison Street Capital predicts that new partnerships that have formed and will be formed in future years will continue to make the business more fully integrated and running much smoother than before. The alternative and innovated solutions pioneered in 2015 will carry over to 2016 and make the hedge fund industry stronger than ever.

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