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Keith Mann Introduces a Professional Scholarship Program in Brooklyn New York

New York businessman and philanthropist Keith Mann recently announced plans to start and support a scholarship program in Brooklyn, New York. The program supported by Keith Mann and Keely Mann seeks to award academic scholarships to high achieving students from Uncommon Schools. The latter is a nonprofit organization that manages a network of 44 public schools across the states of New York, New jersey and Massachusetts. The scholarship will be awarded to only one student from Brooklyn who graduates with a high score.

The program aims to support the great effort done by Uncommon Schools to offer low income students a chance to attend college and succeed in life. One college counselor from the group of schools, Joe Frick, reiterated that the organization was grateful to the philanthropic action and stated that it would go a long way to help a student in need.

All applicants are required to write an essay on why they deserve the scholarship opportunity and how a college education will assist their professional endeavors. The main aim is to target and assist aspiring industry leaders and prepare them to achieve success. This will assist students from low income families to get an opportunity to not only chase their professional goal but actually get a chance to achieve it.

The scholarship is open to all seniors graduating from any Uncommon Charter school within Brooklyn, New York. It is open until 29th February 2016 while the winner will be announced at the end of March. They will receive a scholarship worth $5,000 that will go to their college tuition. This is a great boost that will make college more affordable to the successful applicant.

Keith Mann is one of the founders of Dynamic Search Partners currently working as its Managing Director. The organization has specialized in managing hedge funds as well as alternative investments. They mainly provide executive search services to clients and finds alternative staffing methods for equity firms. Since its inception in 2002, Keith Mann has helped the company find its footing in the search community. Mann started working for the company as a division manager and has since risen up the ranks to a management position.

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