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Charles Koch Is No Friend of Donald Trump

This year’s political election is something that has caught most everyone by surprise, to say the least. The truth is, there are relatively few individuals that expected Donald Trump to stay in the race this long, not to mention to be as popular as he appears to be. For some people, his very presence has created a great deal of strife, and Charles Koch is one of those individuals.

In order to understand why Koch has decided to take on Trump it is important to understand a little bit about Koch’s own background. Charles Koch has made a name for himself in business by being a very elite businessman and knowing a great deal about what works and what doesn’t in the business world. As such, he has managed to bring himself up through the ranks and has created one of the largest employment firms in Kansas City, not to mention influencing business all over the world. As such, he has become a strong political figure in his own right, usually through very large political contributions that are sent to his Republican candidate of choice.

The problem is that he does not support Donald Trump. In fact, he opposes his bid for candidacy, among other things. All of this came to a head when other Republican candidates were invited to a fundraising function that Trump was deliberately left off of. This eventually caused Trump to do what he does best, turn his back on anyone that dares to oppose him and say whatever he can possibly say that will make their lives more difficult. He has already done that but more importantly, Koch is concerned with his potential ability to gain the Republican nomination. To that end, he is considering every option that is available to him as a significant monetary contributor to the Republican nominees because he simply does not understand how someone with the attitudes of Donald Trump can possibly run the country successfully.

Much of this comes from the fact that Trump has an overwhelming tendency to be someone’s friend one day and their biggest enemy the next. Essentially, anyone that opposes him is going to feel his wrath in a very public way and this is not exactly a quality that a president of any country should have, much less a country as large as the United States. Charles Koch fully realizes this and feels that if Trump gains the nomination, the country could be in real peril. Despite the fact that Koch himself is a conservative Republican, he is considering any and all options available to him that might help to ensure that the country has a more suitable candidate for President come November.

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