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What I Found Out About Handy!

If you haven’t heard of Handy, the home cleaning service, then you need to take note of it. I stumbled across this website, created for booking cleaning services has reached over $1 million in bookings per week. That’s exciting news just two years after their official launch. Sounds pretty good to me because I run my own business, and I’m the mother of a very busy toddler.

The best part is that I can request service on demand. The new society we live in calls for on-demand cleaning service as much as it calls for ordering movies, remodeling jobs, and more. This genius concept is something I wish I’d thought of first, mainly because it solves two problems. It solves the problem for those who are seeking work in the cleaning industry, and it solves the problem for the work-at-home-mom like me that needs help.

The ability to pick up my mobile phone and request cleaning services is nothing short of amazing, and I can read reviews and ratings before I make a decision and hire someone. I can also take a peek to make sure that the individual I choose fits into my budget. This makes it even more handy for someone to get the help they need when looking for help with cleaning.

The funny part about all of this? I used to clean houses years ago while trying to start my business. I wish this site had been in existence back then. If you want to list yourself as a provider of cleaning services, then you simply set your own hours and make yourself available when you can clean. It’s that easy.

I can imagine that sites like Handy have no problem experiencing growth, mainly because there is a demand for more income and getting help. Many families have been working two jobs to make ends meet, which means they have no time to clean. This is why it’s so amazing to have a site like Handy, so that you can find the help you need when life throws you a curveball.

My daughter is a very busy, almost two-year-old. I can assure you that trying to work from home means that I only get either a few hours to work or clean if she takes a nap. I guess I’ll be using Handy today!

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